PwC's Academy - Standard operating procedures

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6. Quality work standards

6.5. TTT Programme Delivery

This SOP ties to 6.1.1 | Trainer Preparation (TTT) Sub Policy

The programme is designed in a way that it has microlearning bites and attendees can follow for part of the training based on their subject areas and specific needs. 

The programme is held at least once a year (September/October) and it is reviewed on a yearly basis previously to its application to make sure it considers the most up to date training techniques and tools, any inputs from the organiser, and previous feedback.

Step 1 | Check any market update on training methodologies & techniques
Step 2 | Check any new tool provided by PwC’s Academy Malta for training delivery (e.g. chromebox, interactive screen, VR headsets, etc.)
Step 3 | Revise later TTT feedback report and gather any points of improvement
Step 4 | Ask the HC team to run a TNA through internal trainers
Step 5 | Revise Trainers attendance list in conjunction with HC team
Step 6 | Revise groups and needs per group (e.g. Internal Trainers, SMEs, external trainers, ACCA lectures, etc.)
Step 7 | Revise TTT programme agenda
Step 8 | Seek Lisa’s approval on the new TTT Programme proposal
Step 9 | Revise LMS page based on the new mapped needs and agenda
Step 10 | Distribute activities through the trainers (if any of the materials need to be updated)
Step 11 | Schedule sessions
Step 12 | Revise group access on LMS
Step 13 | Kickoff communications with Trainers
Step 14 | Schedule sessions & respective rooms in the Academy
Step 15 | Send out pre-work or communicate the aims or objectives for each session
Step 16 | Decide on the room layout (it needs to be comfortable and effective for each session)