PwC's Academy - Standard operating procedures

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6. Quality work standards

6.4. Course Feedback Handling

This SOP connects with Policy 10.1 | Programme/Course continuous improvement Policy

In order to sustain benefits, a closure meeting (debrief) is held between the SME and the Academy manager whereby feedback is taken into account to ensure improvements are done in the next wave of programmes. During this time adjustments to the teaching styles are also discussed and worked on.

Step 1 | Go to the course page on LMS and download the feedback.
Step 2 | Summarise data tables and charts for easy analysis.
Step 3 | If there is any urgent feedback to be addressed, Lisa and the PwC’s Academy manager responsible for the course should step in and solve the issue.
Step 4 | Organise a closure meeting (debrief session) with the trainer, training coordinator and PwC’s Academy manager responsible for the course to analyse the results and discuss further improvements.
Step 5 | Outline ideas for improving the learning experience in the course.
Step 6 | Together with the Trainer, create an estimated time frame of how long each change will take.
Step 7 | Kick off the reviewing tasks before the next course cycle.