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6. Quality work standards

6.2. Trainer Appraisal - WIP

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Policy ID 6.1 - WIP

Who: Training Coordinator and Academy Manager responsible for the course are responsible for this procedure.
When: At least once per year of delivering training course/programme, or after the training course/programme is delivered (and all feedback is gathered from the trainees).

Step 1 | The Training Coordinator compiles a summary report of the feedback received by the trainer within the period (including average scores and highlighting main comments received).
Step 2 | The Academy manager responsible for the training compiles the points of improvements, based on the performance objectives defined during the course design, to address any issues and/or complaints the trainer has received during the sessions delivered within the period.
Step 3 | The Training Coordinator schedules an appraisal meeting/call with the trainer.
Step 4 | The Academy manager responsible for the training, together with the Training Coordinator, runs the appraisal meeting/call with the trainer and agrees on an action plan to address the points of improvement. 
Step 5 | The Training Coordinator uploads the points of improvements and the plan agreed during the appraisal on the trainer profile on LMS, as it is part of the evidence that informs the IQA process.
Step 6 | The Training Coordinator, monitors the progress of the plan agreed with the Trainer.

For trainers that engage with training regularly/on a daily basis, the appraisal might occur more frequently; e.g. before the start of the next training round.