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5. Training Development

5.5. Certification Retention

Exit SOPs


Policy ID 8.1.2

5.5.1 | Keeping the records of certificates
Who: Training Coordinators to send reminder to trainees to download certificate
When: Two weeks before enrollment is finishing
Following this reminder, on the last day of enrollment, the below steps are to be taken by the Training Coordinator: 
Step 1 | Download certificates for all trainees
Step 2 | Download the full list of trainees, including which conditions they have met and the reason why a certificate was not issued
Step 3 | Put the above files in a zip file and upload it in the data repository - To be defined which one

For paying clients using the LMS as a platform, the zip file is to be sent to them and the responsibility of 40 years retention is passed onto the client.

5.5.2 | Disposal of printed and digital certificates SOP
Since 2018, the Academy adopted a paperless certificate and all certificates are available for download via the LMS. 
If anyone comes across a printed certificate, these are to be destroyed using a paper shredder. In the case of digital certificates, these will be appropriately disposed of by the data administrator after 40 years from issuance date.