PwC's Academy - Standard operating procedures

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6. Quality work standards

6.1. Complaints & Appeals

This process defines the outline and updating of the following the Complaints and Appeals Forms.


1. If applicable, every training course page created needs to include both forms in the lower topic sections of each page (generally below the Certificate).

2. These forms need to be accessible by all trainees enrolled in the course.

3. Different templates are available for different types of training. 

4. Availability (through access restrictions) is presented by training type below:

Complaint Form
Made Available Anonymous Template Name
Training Type
2. Accredited Courses Y N Complaint Form - Accredited
3. CPE Training
     a) Digital Y N Complaint Form - CPE Digital
     b) Interactive / Blended Y N Complaint Form - CPE Blended
4. Non-CPE Training Y N Complaint Form - Non-CPE
5. Foreign Institutions' Training Y N Complaint Form - Foreign Training
6. eLEarns                                          Y                              N                       Complaint Form - eLearns                   

Appeals Form
Made Available Anonymous Template Name
Training Type
2. Accredited Courses Y N Appeals Form
3. CPE Training
a) Digital Y N Appeals Form
b) Interactive / Blended Y N Appeals Form
4. Non-CPE Training Y N Appeals Form
5. Foreign Institutions' Training Y N Appeals Form


 * Complaints are to be made available on Day 1 of the training

** Appeals are to be made available 1 week after exam

How do we handle Complaints & Appeals

A Complaint Form must be available on LMS with every course whilst an Appeal Form is dependable on the training being provided (refer to above). The Training coordinator needs to add this when creating the course.

1. Below the Certificate, create a new topic and call it “Complaints & Appeals

2. Add the “Feedback” add- on

3. Adjust the settings: 

    • Question and submission settings > Record user names > Users’s name will be logged
    • Activity completion > Do not indicate activity completion
    • Restrict Access >  (refer to SOPs section 6.1 based on the course type)
4. Go to template > Use a template > Choose: Trainee Complaint Form (Trainee Complaint Form - eLearns if your training is an eLearn)

5. Repeat Step 2 and 3, then choose template > Trainee Appeal Form 

In the case of eLearns, the Complaint form must be set as below:

  • Name: Request support here and we will be in touch shortly!
  • Questions and submissions settings: Enable notification of submissions (YES)
  • After submission text: "Thank you for sending your request. We will be in touch shortly. PwC's Academy Team"
  • Restrict access: No
  • The Training Coordinator responsible for the course must be assigned as Teacher to receive notifications on the Complaints.

A complaint must be dealt within 5 days of receipt by a Training Coordinator / Trainer - once a resolution has been reached, a follow-up email needs to be sent to the individual concerned.

An appeal can be raised within 10 days from the issue’s occurrence. The TC will inform Appeals Board, and a formal acknowledgement needs to be provided by the Board to the trainee. The appeal should be reviewed and finalized within 30 days of acknowledgement. All communication should be done via email.