PwC's Academy - Standard operating procedures

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2. Handling Prospective Clients

2.2. The sales cycles | open sessions

Exit SOPs

Step 1 | A costings sheet is prepared for the open session - Director of Studies.

Step 2 | A proposal is sent to the client via email (most of the time sending a link to the website for information).

Step 3:  A client confirms their interest in attending the open session  either to sales person or to the training coordinators.

Step 4 | The registration sheet / costings sheet is updated with the new sale/new participants - Training Coordinator / Sales person.

The sales sheet is updated with new sales (except for non-IT CPE).

Step 5 | If it  is an IT course a booking form is sent to the client and collected - Sales person / Training Coordinator.

If it is a non-IT course a client books either on-line or via an email to the training coordinator - Training Coordinator.

Prior to issuing an invoice, the training coordinators will open codes according to the instructions listed in the below attachment.

Step 6 |  If it is a non- CPE course an invoice is sent to the client prior to commencement of training (only when training will be certainly delivered) with the following statement written in the email" 50% of the total fee is to be paid upon receipt of this invoice and the remaining balance is to be settled on the first day of training" and invoice number updated on the sales sheet -  Training Coordinators.

If it is a CPE course an invoice is sent to the client to pay 100% in advance(as listed in email) and invoice number updated on the registration sheet (progress bill)- Training Coordinators.

Step 7 | Training coordinators mobilise logistics - rooms, trainers, attendance , evaluation , certificates,  update data sheets,  collect debtors.

Step 8 | The PL Analysis sheet  is updated with actual figures - Training Coordinator

Step 9 | At month end, sales sheet is checked to ensure that all clients have been invoiced . Final bills for open session are issued at this stage to clear WIP - Director of Studies.

Step 10 | No fiscal receipt  / or any other type of receipt (except for the invoice with Paid written on it) should be issued.