PwC's Academy - Standard operating procedures

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2. Handling Prospective Clients

2.3. The sales cycle | client-specific

Exit SOPs

A request for proposal can come in via telephone, email in mailbox or even from the firm.

Step 1 | A costings sheet /budget is prepared for the client request - DoS. The costing sheet is done after discussing the necessary input required by the expert/external trainer.

Step 2 | A proposal is sent to the client either via email or via an official letter - DoS

Step 3 | A client confirms their interest in engaging us to perform training services  (Risk Management procedures as per below trigger off) - Training Coordinator

Step 4 | Sales sheet updated with new sale - Sales person

Step 5 | LOE and terms of Business are sent to the client and signatures collected - Training Coordinator (Latest LoE and Terms of Business is found in the Matrix) LINK

Step 6 | Training coordinators mobilise logistics - rooms, food, trainers, attendance , evaluation , certificates,  update data sheets,  collect debtor - Training coordinator

Step 7 | Training coordinator issues bill to client - Training coordinator

Step 8 | The PL Analysis sheet  sheet  is updated with actual figures - Training Coordinator

Step 9 | At month end, sales sheet is checked to ensure that all clients have been invoiced - Direct of Studies check with Sales person

Step 10 | No fiscal receipt  / or any other type of receipt (except for the invoice with Paid written on it) should be issued