Game of Threats is a simulating head-to-head security-focused digital game that is aimed at replicating experience that executives go through in the midst of a cyber attack on their company. The game presents scenarios where the threat could originate both from within the Company or from the perspectives of a number of Threat Actors. This interactive digital game challenges players to make quick, high impact decisions to assess their readiness to respond to a breach.
Game Play

Participants are divided into two opposing teams, on one end the company and on the other the threat actor, who compete against one another using tablet devices. The threat actor team has a variety of options to resort to when planning an attack, such as distributed denial of service (DDoS), phishing scams, and data exfiltration. Based on the information made available, the company team is forced to respond quickly to address the threat posed by the attacking team. The company may take a number of decisions from investing in security experts, to purchasing breach detection software or hiring an incident response firm.
The key to winning the game is by taking the best possible decisions under pressure, given time and budgetary constraints.
The experience teaches users about what they can do to better prepare, respond and remediate an attack and familiarize themselves with different types of threat actors, and their preferred attack methodologies. Players also walk away with a better understanding of which kind of attacks cause damage to a business, and what kinds of responses tend to be most effective.
Professional Facilitation

Trained PwC professionals facilitate Game of Threats to help clients reinforce their knowledge and awareness among senior executives, boards of directors, and security management. Game of Threats has been rolled out in a number of countries across the globe.