PwC’s Academy has developed an innovative and engaging game that shall enable you to understand how Blockchain Technology works.

This gamification experience can help you understand better the key characteristics of this relatively new technology and how it actually works. This methodology was initially piloted in 2016 within PwC internationally and has since then been applied across all continents. In a setting based on table nodes, the PwC trainers assist participants in building a complete Blockchain mechanism following a basic consensus model.

The game enables all trainees to reach an agreement in the context of Blockchain without having to trust on other parties within the chain. The methodology serves as the central thread of the gameplay that gradually explains how the Blockchain model works.

At the end of the training experience, all participants at the different nodes end up individually with the same results, demonstrating the success of the Blockchain in operation.

The approach adopted throughout this experience introduces technology complexity in a gradual way, by taking participants through the different levels of the game. Each level is accompanied by the relevant technical explanations enabling each participant at any role to understand the details behind the Blockchain technology.

Course outline

Introduction to the Blockchain eXperience

The Blockchain Game

Technical Review

Questions & Answer Session

 Contact hours - 4

The Blockchain eXperience can be organised exclusive to organisations upon request.


No particular previous experience is required to attend for this event.

Who should attend?

This game is relevant to any individual or corporate that aims to unambiguously understand the mechanism behind the Blockchain development. The methodology applied assists every participant in clearly understanding the potential of this technology regardless of the role, market or industry.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the experience, each participant will have achieved a good understanding of the Blockchain technology and how such technology may transform his or her business model in the future.