Course Overview

Exponential technologies are providing innovation and disruption on massive scale. The dynamics of markets and society are changing. Are you ready for such disruption?

Organisations embracing a disruptive future must understand how the right mix of technology-based models and related training are the best combination to secure a competitive edge.So organisations looking at exponential technologies should not only be asking ‘how can technology help us work better, cheaper and faster?’ but, they should be asking ‘how can we fundamentally digitally transform what we want to do?’

PwC's Academy is proud to launch it's Award in Technology Skills for Digital Transformation Enablement 

Course Outline

Module 1 - Machine Learning (ML) and Business Intelligence

Module 2 - Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Internet of Things (IoT)

Module 3 - Navigating the new era of Digital Services

Elective modules to choose 1 are: 

Module 4 - Blockchain and Digital economy proficiency


Module 5 - Moving from on premise to decentralised solutions 


Good mathematical, computational, and analytical skills are required,Minimum of MQF Level 5 and/or 2 years working experience in a private or public organisation / set-up.


Contact hours

Each module is split over a number of shorter sessions amounting to 5 contact hours per module


An assessment will be held at the end of the 4 modules. Trainees will be asked to chose a work scenario which they need to transform and critically resolve putting into practice what they have learnt from the 4 modules.