Our Regulatory Series is back with an improved format. This year we will be meeting for shorter virtual ad-hoc sessions, focusing on Regulatory Compliance and AML respectively. This will allow us to explore themes in the regulatory and financial crime world as and when they trigger practical implications for regulated businesses. We will also look to take a longer view and anticipate the areas which will be coming into focus in the near future. This with a view to understand their impact, what level of preparation they require, and whether these could present opportunities to add value to the business set-up.

This training is split into 4 sessions:

  • Session 1 - 20 May - Cross-sectoral regulatory developments: What's next?
  • Session 2 - 21 May - Forthcoming AML legal and regulatory changes
  • Session 3 - 21 Oct - Governance and Compliance moving centre stage - some practical insights
  • Session 4 - 22 Oct - AML/CFT Independent Test - Is it a must?

This training is ideal for those:

  • who want to keep updated with the latest Regulatory and AML updates

The duration of each training session is 1 hour and 15 minutes and may be categories as an activity relevant to the attainment of Core Competencies

Preparation prior to course

20 May 2021
1400 – 1515hrs
1 hour and 15 minutes