This module will cover the introduction to financial instruments, the classification and measurement as well as the impairment requirements of IFRS 9, financial instruments' derecognition criteria and debt vs equity classification according to IAS 32. The material in this module is not sufficient to answer all IFRS 9, IAS 32 and IFRS 13 related questions. It is strongly recommended that a financial instruments specialist is consulted for any specific questions or cases.

The e-learning introduces the following topics:

  • Introduction: Financial instrument and the scope of IFRS 9
  • Classification and measurement: Assets/Liabilities, What is amortised cost measurement?, Fair Value Hierarchy, Business Model Assessment, Cash flow characteristics
  • Impairment: Expected credit losses model
  • Derecognition: Financial instruments/assets, Liabilities/Assets, Debt restructuring
  • Debt vs. Equity: Classification principles
  • Test your knowledge

70 minutes