This course is a part of a two modul series about banking risk and financial risk management.

The financial ecosystem has deepened in size, sophistication and complexity across countries over the last few decades. The banking institutions need to adjust risk management procedures to accommodate risks that come with new players in this complex ecosystem. 

After completing this module you will be able to understand the operation of the overall supervisory framework. What are the elements of capital requirement calculations, what is Basel and the Pillars and what will “Basel IV”, CRD V and CRR II bring us in the near future. 

This module will introduce you the supervisory framework, it will discuss the main elements of the capital requirements regulation (CRR) and the capital requirements directive (CRD), after which the future outlook of the same topic is described. 

EBA, ECB, BRRD, MREL, CRR, CRD, CET1… so many acronyms. After completing this e-learning you will be able to understand these acronyms and the related content more comfortably.

50 minutes
Euro 45