The course will provide learners with a general knowledge of skills and competences required to work in finance and office administration, thus improving on and enhancing the learners’ skill set as well as their future opportunities.

Course outline

Module 1: Accounting
Module 2: Business skills
Module 3: Fiscal related matters
Module 4: Business IT

Contact hours - 75
Self-Study hours - 19
Hands-on hours - 95
Assessment hours - 4



The entry requirements are limited to a good command of the English language and a general O-level standard of education.
Previous experience in an office or finance department is preferable, but not a pre-requisite.


Who should attend?

The course is aimed at:

  • individuals employed in an office setup such as clerks or junior accounting staff looking at increasing their existing skill set;
  • women returning to work and early school leavers who wish to pursue an office based job.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to carry out routine book keeping entries and to pass adjustments (manually or in accounting software) allowing them to close off the books of account and prepare basic financial statements. They will know what documentation to retain and will be able to monitor banking facilities and create internal controls. They will be familiar with a number of new business skills that will see them being familiar with EU funding procedures, health and safety issues and social media. Learners will also be able to carry out administrative tasks in connection with the company’s fiscal obligations and will be more familiar with Office applications which they can then use to communicate and make better presentations.