Short course for General Data Protection Regulation, abridged and suitable for ages 8 and upwards

General Data Protection Regulation eLearning

This course provides training for Officers/officials/Practitioners experienced in data protection issues, for new Data Protection Officers who need to be trained in data protection matters and for any person who, in the carrying out of his duties, processes personal data, including personal data representatives, chief information officers, IT Managers, compliance officers, internal auditors, records managers, human resources managers, administration officers and marketing managers. 

The training programme is intended for individuals working in the public or the private sector. This could include all industries including the financial services and i-gaming sectors.

Course outline

Module 1: The GDPR; The Data Protection Act, 2018 (Cap.586); and related legislation including the ePrivacy Directive
Module 2: Privacy Impact Assessments and Data Protection Audits


Contact hours - 40
Self-Study hours - 60
Hands-on hours - 16
Assessment hours - 2

Lectures are 3 hours each and are held once a week.



A good command of the English language to an approximate MQF level 3 standard. Previous exposure to office environments including roles in finance an advantage.


Learning outcomes 

By the end of the course, participants will have achieved:

  • An understanding of the way that the Act, and related legislation, works;
  • An understanding of what has to be done to achieve compliance;
  • The ability to review practices and procedures and introduce Data Protection controls in business processes;
  • The ability to conduct on his/her own initiative Data Protection Audits and Privacy Impact Assessments and be able to take part in initiatives relating to information security



Formative feedback is provided throughout the course using a choice of dedicated email or e-learning platform discussion and personal messaging.